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Beyond clever technology alone, Decisively brings a proven operating model that delivers success

Decisively brings a proven operating methodology that makes the task of turning your source rules material into digital logic a much faster, simpler and more efficient exercise.

We have a team of passionate experts who understand how to use our technology and approach to unlock one of the key drivers for digital transformation and exceptional customer experiences - your non-digital rules estate.

Using our SaaS platform, innovative Rules-as-a-Service, flexible Managed Rules Service, or Implementation Services, we help our customers tackle challenges head-on. In combination, we underpin our customers’ success by reducing time, effort, risk, and cost when dealing with complex rules.

Our range of SaaS and Business Services include:

  • Flexible SaaS subscription models and deployments:

    • Public SaaS hosted on major global hyperscalers

    • Private SaaS deployments for certain regulated industries and platforms

  • Rules-as-Service for a full turn-key rules digitisation outcome

  • Implementation Services for rules ingestion and integration across your enterprise

  • A Managed Rules Service, where we manage ongoing change in your digital rule estate!

Decisively SaaS

Public SaaS hosted on major global hyperscalers

We host the public cloud version of Decisively SaaS on a range of global hyperscalers, enabling us to operate within the geographies and restrictions that customers in regulated industries demand. Contact us for details on which hyperscalers and regions we currently support, and which ones are on our roadmap.

Decisively SaaS

Private SaaS deployments for certain regulated industries and platforms

While our public SaaS deployment meets the needs of most of our customers, we recognise that some customers in certain locations have unique requirements that demand a different approach.

Depending on your location, industry and the suitability of your infrastructure platform, we can provide a private SaaS deployment model in certain circumstances.

Contact us to discuss your organisation's challenge and unique circumstances.

Rules as a Service (RaaS)

Rules-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a turn-key solution that combines our Implementation Services, Managed Rule Service and a tailored SaaS subscription model.

In the RaaS model, we ingest your source rules material into the Decisively platform, extract the digital decision logic, implement this into your organisational IT landscape and then manage changes to your rules over time.

With the tailored SaaS subscription model included in RaaS, we can design a single consumable metric that aligns directly to the value it brings to your organisation! Contact us to find out more

Implementation Services

To derive maximum value from the Decisively platform, we offer Implementation services that are tailored to each customer. These services are delivered by our experienced digital rule experts. Most of our customers use this service during their first few digital rule projects, then do the majority of subsequent projects using their own resources after completing Decisively training.

Using our purpose-built Decisively Agile Rules Methodology © (DARM), we undertake the initial ingestion of your source rules material into the Decisively platform, extract the digital decision logic, test it for accuracy and appropriateness, and implement the final approved digital rule model into your organisational IT landscape.

Managed Services

Beyond our SaaS platform, Rules-as-a-Service and Implementation Services, Decisively also offers a Managed Rules Service. Our Managed Rules Service is designed to reduce or remove the need for you to manage changes to your digital rule estate. Instead, our digital rule experts fulfil this role on your behalf, ensuring that changes to your source material are accurately and effectively reflected in your digital rules.

We can operate as a permanent part of your digital rules team to provide ad-hoc resourcing and support, provide leadership and mentoring to your team to lift their skill level, or even operate as your entire digital rule team in circumstances where you want to outsource the entire function.

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