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For you to own the digitisation of your rules and knowledge, in your way.

Our mission is to make it easier, faster and more intuitive for organisations in regulated industries to make better decisions. We remove the barriers between the complex rules that exist in legislation, policy and regulation, and the systems that people use when seeking to engage them. By making it simpler to extract complex decision logic from source rules material, making them more accessible and faster to update, we enable the ideal customer experience that organisations who operate within heavily regulated industries have been searching for.

Decisively brings a technology capability and delivery methodology that promotes better decisions using digital policy-driven executable logic, delivered as guided digital interviews, perfect data models and APIs, to help organisations support complex application, assessment, calculation, and decision processes. Our platform has been designed to make it easy for anyone in the organisation to use - including policy and knowledge experts, business analysts, experience and UI designers, developers, compliance, audit and legal teams and more.

Unlike traditional solutions and approaches, Decisively takes sources like legislation, policy, regulation, and business rules, and automatically generates decision logic that drives accurate, intuitive, auditable digital experiences. By separating the digital business rules from your enterprise IT systems, we help you avoid customisations and the manual computer coding that costs you valuable time, resources, and money, as well as increasing your organisational risk in our fast-paced regulatory world.


We partner with

Teamwork is everything. While Decisively brings a transformational technology and delivery methodology to regulated industries, we recognise that we are simply part of the overall business and IT landscape within our customers' organisation and industry. We rely on strong working partnerships with our customers, their various technology partners, their systems integration, digital experience and managed services partners, and our own industry partners. Our current partners include:

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